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Sponsored & Funded Research 

UK-Australia Knowledge Frontiers Forum on 'The Future', Brisbane, 2019

(a partnership with the Australian Academy of the Humanities)



Invited to think of 'the future' across different times and context to explore and address the need for creative interventions in social and environmental crises, how communities of the past have managed (or otherwise) rapid social upheaval and technological change, and whether we can humanise the digital future. 

In my book 'Transmission of Colonial Values' (forthcoming), I propose a theoretical framework to understand the suppression of cultural knowledges in hegemonic contexts. This was originally inspired by postcolonial theorists’ recognition of cultural displacement but progressed when I elucidated similar mechanisms in biopiracy and Indigenous exploitation. Crucially, understanding how future meaning can be projected onto information, logic and data is key to my theory. By invitation from the BA to help lead a panel discussion, it is my hope to share these insights at the forum and ascertain the scope for accentuated collaboration in new academic fields.


This forum aims to incentivise and establish international engagement and collaboration between early career researchers from a broad range of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences, encouraging the exchange of ideas across both disciplinary and national boundaries.



Up to 40 career researchers from the UK, Australia and the Pacific region are being invited to discuss key questions around the futures theme. Seed funding will be made available for participants to build international and partnership collaborations. Participants will also be invited to contribute other outputs in the form of a publication on the forum theme. 

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