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My research takes an interdisciplinary approach to education, social justice and human flourishing. I engage with contemporary theories across these domains, looking towards 'education for social wellbeing'. Currently, I am the Institutional Research Culture Lead at the University of Roehampton. 


In 2021, I am Principal Investigator on five actively funded projects: (i) Sugarless Green (a health education intervention research programme), which is funded by Research England, QR Strategic Priorities Fund (ii) Gardening & Gums (a knowledge exchange health communication project about oral care, funded by The Cathedrals Group), (iii) The Potato Teeth Project (a third arm of the health education intervention on gardening and oral care) funded by Southlands Methodist Trust, and (iv) Reading for Cultural Meaning (a literary project funded by UKLA Literacy Association). Since November 2019, in addition to the grants above, I was awarded three British Academy Grants (UK-Australia Knowledge Frontiers Forum, Brisbane, 2019), and secured an additional cross-institutional research bid of £40,000 from The Cathedrals Group for a  knowledge exchange project, 'Communiversity'

Currently, I am the Director for Advance HE's Diversifying Leadership Programme' which aims to generate a leadership mindset for academic and professional staff from black and ethnic minority backgrounds across UK Higher Education institutions. In 2021 I was successful in winning two election campaigns firstly to the University Senate to serve as an Academic Representative at the University of Roehampton, and secondly as BERA Convenor of the Comparative and International Education Special Interest Group (SIG). In 2020 I was shortlisted out of 450 members of teaching staff across the university for the Academic Lecturer of the Year award by the Roehampton Students' Union (RSU). Presently, I am also a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education.

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In my forthcoming book ‘Transmission of Colonial Values’ (Routledge, 2022), I examine the microcosm of power dynamics at the secondary education level, and from this establish a meta-theory of social consent which I dubbed the ‘hegemonies of knowledge’. This publication is part one of a trilogy of conceptual frames which seek to re-centre sociology from its core of ‘structure-agency’ onto one of ‘hegemonic consent’, and culminate in a ‘theory of activism’, to ground the social sciences as a tool for change.

Professional Affiliations

HEA (Fellow) 

Higher Education Academy

SRHE (Member)

Society for Research into Higher Education

BERA (Member)

British Educational Researcher Association


UKLA (Member)

UK Literary Association

PESA (Member)

Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia

PESGB (Member)

Philosophy of Education Society

of Great Britain

AARE (Member)

Australian Association of Research in Education

Comprehensive Future 

Elected Steering Committee Member



Programme Director 

Diversifying Leadership Programme

Advance HE, 2021-present


Elected Member University Senate 

Academic Staff

University of Roehampton, 2021-2024

BERA SIG Convenor 

Comparative and International Education

BERA, 2021- present

Student Success Coordinator 

School of Education

University of Roehampton, 2020-present

Head of Year 1 & 2 

School of Education

University of Roehampton, 2018-2020


Academic Lecturer Award 

Roehampton Students' Union, Shortlisted, 2020

Diversifying Leadership Award 

Advance HE, 2020

External Examiner Certification 

Advance HE, 2020

Finalist: Best Paper Award 

Australian Educational Researcher, 2015

Outstanding Conference Presentation

European Union Centres

RMIT University, 2014

Best Conference

Presentation Award

Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Hong Kong, 2013