Grants & Sponsorship

UKLA Literacy Grant

Principal Investigator for literacy project titled 'Reading for Cultural Meaning' a literacy toolkit for secondary school English teachers  (2021)

Belonging in Diaspora

Funded by the British Academy, seed funding for collaborative research UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand (2020-21)

Sugarless Green

Principal Investigator for  project funded by Research England QR Strategic Priorities Fund  (2021). Educational intervention project conducted with Primary Schools.

Leadership Award

Funded by the University of Roehampton, the Diversifying Leadership Award is hosted by Advanced Higher Education (2020)


Funded by the The Cathedrals Group, Church Universities Fund, this is a  knowledge exchange project about student engagement  (2020-21)

'Futures' Symposium

Funded by the British Academy, the UK-AUS Knowledge Symposium, co-hosted by Australian Academy of Humanities (Brisbane, 2019)

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