Empirical Projects

Digital Transformation: Student Engagement

 This project examines how Higher Education students have transitioned and adapted to online  platforms, since Covid-19.

Belonging in Diaspora

UK | HK | NZ

Investigating what aspects of cultural identity remain constant to people who have migrated from the homeland

Sugarless Green:

Oral care & gardening

Tackling childhood obesity by offering an oral hygiene gardening programme for children (4-12) in Roehampton's local community 

Prison & School 

Self-Esteem UK | USA

Comparing males in schools & prisons from England and America the social educational programmes that build their

self-esteem (or not)

 Groupwork Fairness & Assessment in HE

This case study aims to understand how an individual expresses unfairness when assimilating into groups for Higher Education assessment. 

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