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Postgraduate Researchers
Networking Internship

What is this institutional project about?

Comprises of a three-stage programme hosted over a 6-month period (April to September 2023) to offer Early Career Researchers (ECRs) or post-graduate research (PhD) students within South London (SL) from Higher Education Institutions, an opportunity to build upon and strengthen their entrepreneurial mind-set, develop their innovative thinking, polish skills to enhance and build upon their current networks and gain knowledge and insight about industry and commercialisation (on offer in South London). Roehampton University leads this pilot initiative with a SL PGR cohort of 30 PGR students from across five different universities across SL.  

Why this programme now?

Traditionally ECR or PGR networks and training programmes are generally based on the premise of preparing ECRs to meet the needs of the employment sector. This proposal is different as this programme accounts for those skills and training needed to leverage and translate academic knowledge into innovation and creative exchange.  This means rather than generic skills training, this proposal aims to closely target those skills, knowledge and training needed for growth and development in South London. This style of programme means better skills matching of ECR candidates on the programme to businesses in South London. The intention through finessing this type of design is to try and understand the steps necessary to gain better traction between translating academic research disciplines into business sector demand.

What does this networking internship entail? 

There will be an orientation webinar for participants along with two workshop training days (one face to face and the other online). During the training days students will participate in a bespoke curriculum with targeted training to help students transform their academic expertise into employable skills for industry. Following this training preparation students will participate in a showcase evening where they will display their developed CVs to a range of businesses in South London where both parties will be paired, so that PGRs can undertake a 2-day business internship experience.   

Bespoke Curriculum of Training 

Four key areas will be focused on for training PGRs to get into a business mindset. These areas include:

(i) Communication and Networking

(ii) Project Management 

(iii) Financial Management and Analysis

(iv) CV builder Academic to Enterprise

Activity 1: Orientation for PGR Students

Further details of the programme plan are available for viewing here. 

Project Manager & PGR Host

Mr Giridhar Raghunathan

Giri is a professional dancer, teacher, doctoral researcher, and public speaker. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance) with distinction, from Bharathidasan University, India and a First-class Master of Technology in Medical Nanotechnology from SASTRA University, India. He founded his own dance school in India at the age of 18 and he compiled a book titled “Bharta Nrtta Bhaashyam”, a primer for the students of bharatanatyam when he was 21 years old. He has contributed articles and book chapters and has been invited to present workshops and guest lectures in India, North America and Europe. He is a College Warden, Student Engagement Coach and a PhD student in Dance Studies at the University of Roehampton, under the supervision of Dr Glenn Odom and Prof Ann David. His research focuses on the niche interdisciplinary area of Indian classical dance, gender, and sexuality. 

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