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UKRI Policy Fellowship:
How Policing Can Add Value to
Street Outreach Activities
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What is this Fellowship about?

The Fellow will have the opportunity to work with the two collaborating What Works Centres in London, hosted mainly by the Centre for Homelessness Impact and this may present an opportunity for the Fellow to work in person at both organisations for some of the time, or if not by virtually collaborating with the College of Policing.


The Fellow will begin testing the relative effectiveness of different types of joint working. Once there is an agreed definition of the model(s) we want to test, and of the areas of the country to target, we can then set about assessing the difference they made in comparison to business as usual. The Fellow will also test the effectiveness of homelessness training. Another interesting gap to address might be to test the effectiveness of the training commonly provided by the homelessness sector to the police force. We will use the inception phase of the Fellowship to work together to agree a plan of activities for the main phase of the fellowship. Evidence of ability to participate in and develop both internal and external networks and utilise them to enhance the process and outcomes of the Fellowship.


What is a UKRI Policy Fellowship?

The UKRI Policy Fellowships provide opportunities to do cutting-edge research and inform decision-making on the most pressing policy problems of our time by working within the bedrock of policy making. The fellowship provides an opportunity for policymakers to engage with academic research and expertise. This helps to bridge the gap between academic research and policy development, ensuring that policies are informed by the latest research evidence. It also offers researchers a chance to understand the policy-making process better, the challenges faced by policymakers, and how research can be best utilised in the policymaking environment.

This year 44 Policy Fellowships have been awarded across 21 government departments and 5 What Works Centres (6 awardees) across the UK. The Fellowship scheme was piloted last year with 22 successful fellows. All successful fellows can be located on directly on UKRI’s policy fellow page. Fellows from the pilot have positively reviewed their experiences to gain firsthand experience and insight into the policy-making process while contributing their academic knowledge and expertise to real-world challenges.

Homelessness Research relative to the Fellowship

UKRI Fellowship Announcement (Oct 18th 2023)

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University of Roehampton (Oct 19th 2023):

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BIG South London Partnership (Oct 20th 2023)

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