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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion:
Informing technē Doctoral Training Partnership Action Plan (3 years)

What is this project about?

This EDI Action Plan underpins techne's three governing principles to account for EDI within the techne Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). Over the next three years a series of small projects are undertaken to investigate and promote a greater sense of EDI awareness into techne DTP practices. 

Principal 1Activities will align with the broad aims and spirit of the EDI action plan, given that the action plan is a live document and can be expected to evolve with the needs of the partner institutions, PGR student cohorts, and lessons learned from initiatives undertaken.


Principal 2: The workplan for activities will be coordinated against the PGR lifecycle, recognising that there may be different EDI considerations at the application stage, during the programme of study, and beyond, with career expectations, development, and future learning opportunities.


Principal 3: The techne EDI action plan is not a monolith but must be contextualised in a wider ecosystem of EDI directives, including the AHRC EDI policy, UKRI’s EDI strategy, and the equality-driven governance and statutory commitment schemes of the techne partner institutions.

The following sections detail the activities and findings completed through this project's cycle. This includes accessibility to content produced and outputs created from the data collection and analysis of this body of work. 

Project Outputs

Learn more about our project outputs:

(i) Intersectionality through the lens of PGR students - videos of intersectionality

Activity 1: Intersectionality through the lens of PGR students

We commissioned the work of 12 ‘Sketch’ videos will be 1–2-minute animated line drawings with a narrative overlay of techne student (in some cases two students partnered), with the aim of exposing challenges, opportunities and benefits related to intersectional characteristics of the students in relation to their lived experiences as PGRs. This aligns with the action to challenge the siloed approach to EDI, while anticipating an evolution of student needs according to the unique situations they face by virtue of experiencing inequality, minoritisation, or discrimination through multiple channels. 

Video 2: Race & Religion

Video 1: Gender & Disability

Video 3: Race & Disability

Video 4: Gender & Religion

Video 5: Race & Gender

Video 7: Marriage & Sexuality

Video 9: Gender & Race

Video 6: Age & Gender

Video 8: Ethnicity & Gender

Video 10: Age & Religion

Video 11: Race & Age

Video 12: Gender & Age

Research Collaborator:

Professor Ted Vallance

Prof Ted Vallance is Director of the Graduate School at the University of Roehampton and institutional lead for TECHNE. He is a historian of early modern England, currently researching the trial and execution of Charles I. He has led development of the TECHNE diversity hub which aims to support current and prospective postgraduate researchers from under-represented communities.


Research Assistant:

Gloria Anandappa

Gloria is a PhD student at the Centre for International Education Research at the University of Nottingham. Her current thesis focuses on access to education for disabled children of foreign workers in Singapore. Her research background covers international education, international development, disability, inclusion, and social justice in education. She has been working in the role of research assistant and project manager on various projects for Dr. Melissa Jogie at the University of Roehampton since October 2021.

LinkedIn and Twitter / X.

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